Our Theology

Faith Formation as Conversational

Interaction with God, as stated in the Christian Bible, is often conversational.

  • It is the same between Jesus and people.

The Church, traditionally, has carried over this technology (ie. interface) into its activities of faith formation.

  • Preaching, bible study, small group discussion, committee meetings, etc. These are all examples of, “being the church,” through conversation.

Therefore, as generative AI is operated via a conversational interface, it can be an enabler of faith formation.

  • In the midst of conversation between people and AI, the Spirit can be at work.
Discipleship as Incarnational

But, faith is not just talking – even if it is in community.

  • Belief must come to life, which is often called, “incarnated,” or, “embodied.”

Its embodiment comes in many different forms, the most popular of which might be the 501c3 nonprofit known as a local church.

  • Included is the metaverse defined by Matthew Ball as an, “embodied internet.”

Last Updated: 8.31.2023